29 October 2009

website up

new website is up, but still under construction

30 April 2009


cast plastic, thread, glass, epoxy, pine

19 March 2009

so i was gonna put some pics up...

but i lost my disc reader..which i just bought not even a month ago. f my life. speaking of which:


03 March 2009

he said/she said

think about it


so i got to drive home sunday night through the snow storm from baltimore. i could not wait to get back. acc was alright, some people were really awesome (annie chau, margaret and josh smith, jenneca davies, jess wainer, and the scad textiles girls just to name a few). baltimore was.....baltimore.

25 February 2009

work in progress: laser cutting, cont'd

white spray paint on aluminum flashing


work in progress: duality

the set up
the mold
first couple attempts
interior detail
cut out detail

materials: cast plastic, monofilliment

22 February 2009

work in progress: laser cutting

i'm going to laser cut this on aluminum. diamonds are forever.


just made a flickr. peek it.

also it's like 4 am and all i want to do is watch harry potter...

flower show

so i went to the flower show today. they had some pretty sweet garden set ups but the best part was the wine tasting. but the last guy that served us was a total jerk..it's probably because he know we weren't going to buy anything...