23 September 2010

11 September 2010

coast to coast doodle post

all i have here are pens, highlighters, index cards, scissors, and envelopes. so i'm mailing people drawings. also, i can't find my disc reader, which is why the photos are taken in photobooth.

never let 'em see you cry

rich in love

i need you so much closer
keep me from loving you always
you be the anchor, i'll be the wings

31 August 2010

12 July 2010

i guess this is what heaven looks like, but i wouldn't know

x and y

you and me, baby, we coulda been something

22 June 2010

things to come

screen shot/ghost frames

03 June 2010

sampled sunrises 1-3

i'll be the sunrise to your sunset.

25 May 2010


reading this book.

find more info here.